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A Brand new concept in the works.....
Watch out for emails from SPX announcing when this project goes live!

If you LOVE SPX products and want to get rewarded for sharing them, Then your in the right place!

      We are in the process of a partnership with a brand new company at the forefront of affiliate marketing. This brand new style platform is a one of a kind, open market platform that provides a unique Peer-to-Peer sharing program. A first of its kind hybrid of social-selling models. Connecting Customers and Influencers (direct/social-media and indirect/networking) to Brands.

      They provide a Rewards Plan that rewards any Community Member who shares a product with their Peers. There's nothing to 'join'. Create a FREE account and start earning Loyalty Points immediately within the built-in gamification system where you can earn SWAG (just for taking regular actions like creating an account, logging in, downloading the app, ordering, etc).


 If 3 people make a $30 purchase using your link, you'll be invited to become an Influencer (again, no cost), and you'll start earning commissions rather than internal rewards. 

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