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What can you add to make your protein bars have more nutritional value?

Protein bars are great for easing those cravings while providing a fast dose of protein, and several are high in grams—offering 20 grams in just one bar!

And if you’re having a meal, where you’ll need an extra 150-300 calories, depending on your activity level, you’ll need to find ways to tack on additional calories and nutrients to reach your daily macronutrient requirements and get those extra vitamins and minerals.

That protein bar may not contain enough calories to really fuel your body and keep you full until your next meal. Plus, if you don’t eat enough during the day, you could experience fatigue, irritability and weakened energy levels.

Luckily, you can use a protein bar as a great starting base and then pair it with other foods to create a better meal.



You can easily chop up a protein bar and add it to your Greek or skyr yogurt. Choose a yogurt that is plain or low in sugar, and with the Greek or skyr aspect, you’ll ease digestion and get those immune-boosting probiotic benefits.

And you can even add in some nuts for crunch or fresh berries, too. DIY a delicious yogurt parfait, using the bar as the “granola” and layering in some other healthy toppings for added protein, fiber, good fats and of course flavor.



Salad can be dull on its own, but you can also create a super nutritious salad that has some crunch, fruitiness, creaminess, and freshness all in one. And if you pair a protein bar with it, you can think of that bar as your “dessert” or candy-like bar indulgence after eating those greens. It might trick your mind into finishing that salad and enjoying it more, as you know you have a chocolatey snack coming your way afterwards!



Whether you choose a couple slices of deli cheese, a few cheese sticks, or a grilled cheese

sandwich on whole grain or low-carb bread, cheese happens to offer excellent calcium, vitamin D and protein, and it tastes great with a variety of flavors—many of which are found in cheese.


Sliced Avocado on Toast

Avocado tastes great with chocolate—just think, people often cook it in chocolate mousse as a way to make a luscious, healthy, and low-sugar dessert. It’s found in so many keto and low-carb recipes, in particular.

So, pair avocado on whole grain or low-carb toast with a protein bar that has a chocolate flavor. This might be caramel chocolate chunk, chocolate brownie, chocolate chip cookie dough, or cookies & cream, among others

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