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Vision Board to help with your goals

Why make a vision board?

When studying the brain activity of someone playing a sport, and someone watching a person play that same sport the brain activity measures the same. This is great proof of the power of visualization. The act of visualizing and doing have the same effect on your brain.

Ask any person who has achieved their personal success and they will tell you that there is power in the law of attraction! The degree of belief in this might vary from person to person, but whether or not they know it… the laws of attraction have played a large role in where they are now. As Tony Robins has said “whatever you hold in your mind on a consistent basis is exactly what you will experience in your life”. By focusing your mind first on the things you want and living your life knowing these things will become reality you are using the power of attraction, and it will pay off. The state of your mind is the most deciding factor within every aspect of your life. If you build it, they will come. So build it in your mind now and be ready when it comes.

Making your Vision Board:

The time to make your vision board should be when you want to do it. Don’t make it a chore, otherwise it will not reflect what your true intentions are. Do this when you’re in a good mood and have little to no stress or problems on your mind. When it's time to make your vision board create yourself a happy/peaceful environment. Turn off all distractions, maybe put on some music that both motivates you and brings you to a good place. Now make a list of the things you want your board to represent. You can review this list and try to visualize what things best represent them to put on your board. Try to leave some space for your board to grow. Later when you realize that you want to add something you will be able to. Even putting somethings from your past that you would like to see happen again is a good idea. This way you know things on your vision board can and will happen.

Your board can include material things you desire, although it should also include things that reflect how you want to feel. The more it focuses on the way you want to feel the more those things will materialize. Don't be afraid to get creative with your board. Printing off pictures of things you want is a good start but putting actual small physical items on your board can make it more meaningful. When your vision board is more than just something you printed off in a matter of minutes it will be something that attracts more of your attention and in turn be more effective.

Try to use things that trigger good feelings and vibes with in you. Vibes are important to your life, family, relationships, success, health and so much more. When your vibes are good your life is good!

Setting goals and achieving them is the key to progress. Progress is what you're after, you can't achieve a better life without moving forward. If your making a vision board it means you want to better your life and get to a different place. This doesn’t necessarily mean where you are now isn’t a good place, it just means you want to make it even better. Use your vision board help you see where and what that place is then plan your short-term and long-term goals accordingly.

What to take away:

Make your vision board a road map of where you want to go, not a piece of art that looks cute on the wall. Be conscious that this is for you and not for someone else to understand. Try not to get caught up in making an inspirational poster but more of a goals and ambitions map for yourself. The purpose of the vision board is to visualize your life and where it is going on a daily basis. This process prepares you to take the correct steps to be as ready as possible when these things are realized. Success is when preparation meets opportunity.


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