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SPX Nutrition - Launch of New interactive website

That's right, we have a new website!

*Same address (, new look & features*

We have been working to build a new interactive and user-friendly website for our customers. You might have already visited the new site. If you’ve clicked through any of our email promotions in the last few weeks, then chances are you have.

We are excited to let you know about some new features. We also have more exciting news to come, so don’t forget to watch out for emails and notifications from SPX.

What’s New?

There are many new improvements with the new website which you will notice as you navigate around.

The 3 most important differences are:

1. New Chat feature

2. Customer profile/accounts

3. Blogging & Spx Community interaction


New Chat Feature

One of our goals over the last few months has been to make it easier for our customers to stay connected with us and others in the SPX community. We want you the customer to be able to get support and ask questions easily. With our new chat feature you can now get in touch with SPX staff in just a click. We will be able to respond to you right there on the website. Just click the “chat” button at the bottom of any page to chat with an SPX customer support representative. You can either wait there for a response or watch your email for one. If you are still logged on the site when a support representative responds it will be there on the website. If you have logged off by the time we respond, your response will go directly to your email. (During normal business hours you should get a response quickly, if it is after our normal business hours someone will respond to you the next day.)


Customer Accounts

Now you can create an account with a profile where you will have access to all kinds of new features. Such as order history, posting blogs, customizing your profile and a lot more.

This new feature of customer profiles/accounts will give us the capability to upload coupons, documents etc. into your personal chat inbox. This is great news because we are soon announcing a new customer rewards program where you will earn discounts when you purchase products. And because you have read this far into our announcement, we thought we would tell you first, as well as let you know about a short promotion that is starting today where you will earn $5 towards your next purchase just for setting up your account on the new website. (In addition: if you upload a profile picture we will add another $2. For a total of $7 coupon) Just head over to the website and click “create account” located at the top of the page. Once you have created your account, we will upload your personal coupon code into your chat inbox the following day. So, watch for that. If you need your coupon sooner, you can request it through the chat box and we will try to get it to you sooner. Remember to open the chat box at the bottom of the page, this is where your coupon code will go along with any other messages, documents etc.


Blogging & Community interaction

Once you create an account you will have the capability to write blogs on your profile which other members can interact with. This will be a great place for people who want to share their experiences and/or provide support for each other.

We want to create an environment where everyone can interact and support each other through this new platform. With things like contests, raffles, feedback, videos and all sorts of other things. We are very excited about these new features and hope that they will bring us closer to all of our customers so that we are able to provide a better and healthier experience to everyone.

Don’t forget to watch for emails from us about our upcoming promotions, contests and more.

Thanks for being part of the SPX Family!

SPX Nutrition Staff


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