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Press Release: Nutri-Cleanse inventory status

As you know, COVID has had an unprecedented effect on the world’s economy. Many entire industries have been experiencing big shifts due to a change in how things are distributed around the world. Naturally, these shifts tend to leave holes in other parts of an industry. One of the many industries that is affected is the manufacturing industry. Because of this we are experiencing shortages of some ingredients for our Nutri-Cleanse. This is the reason for the back order that we have had on Nutri-Cleanse multiple times in the past year. For now, we are only able to manufacture small batches of the product. This means it will be in stock one day and back ordered the next. We are keeping a close eye on this situation and trying to plan accordingly. We hope that these issues are adapted to and fixed as time moves forward. We will keep all of our customers updated as things progress.



If you are wanting to place an order of Nutri-Cleanse: We will announce when Nutri-Cleanse is in stock and available to order. (It goes quickly, so watch for announcements via email, Facebook or any other place you get your SPX Nutrition information.)

P.s. We have been getting a lot of inquiries as to when Nutri-Cleanse will be back in stock. For now it is hard for us to give a reliable estimation date. But, If your interested in pre-ordering to be sure you get your bottle when it does come available, contact us and we can provide you with a website URL where you can place a pre-order.

Contact SPX Nutrition via: Email/chat/phone

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