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Gym Closed? Here are some great resources to keep you in shape at home

Due to the current events in our country right now your gym might be closed. This doesn’t have to mean that your health and fitness is put on hold. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. With the threat of the Covid-19 virus affecting you and your family, keeping the state of your health has never been more important. The stronger your body and immune system is the less of an effect any virus can have on you.

These days it has never been easier to get a great workout from home. With so many resources available through the internet today, you can find exactly the exercises that are right for you.

Here are some great apps, websites, and streams you can use to get great and effective workouts at home.

· Nike Running Club -App- | Running

For the runner the Nike Running Club app is a great tool to make your runs more effective and fun. This app has a variety of things to help you: Like coaches that adapt to your progress, display data and tracking for your runs, even playlist suggestions for motivation. If you’re a runner this is a great app that can help you progress.

· Juggernaut Training Systems -YouTube Channel- | Weightlifting

YouTube is a great place to find any help you need. With weightlifting especially, it is important to get coaching tips on the correct way to do exercises. When doing strength training with bigger and heavier weights the risk of injury is increased. The Juggernaut Training channel on YouTube has tons of videos to help you with your weightlifting training. In their videos they provide great information such as the science, technique, goals and more.

· -website- | CrossFit

If you don’t have equipment to do workouts at home, then is perfect for you. They have an “At Home” section filled with workout videos using things like water jugs and step stools to get your high intensity workout in.

· Down Dog yoga & Yoga for Beginners, HIIT, Barre, 7 Minute Workout -Apps- | Yoga

If Yoga is your thing, the DownDog app can create a yoga practice for you based on your skills. They have a Yoga for beginner’s app as well if you’re just getting started with yoga.

Because of the current outbreak they are offering all of their apps completely free until May 1st. This is a great chance to see if any of these apps might be right for you. Along with their yoga apps they also have a HIIT training app, a ballet inspired workout app and a 7-minute workout app.

No matter what type of exercise works best for you, just keep it up. If you're reading articles like this it means your health is important to you. As long as you make some type of effort with your diet and exercise, you'll be better off.

One last thought: (Do some cardio) Whatever exercise you are doing, don't forget to exercise your lungs. The Covid virus attacks the lungs, if yours are strong your body will be much more able to fight it off.


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