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FREE Bottle of Extreme Cardio
(L-Arginine / L-Citrulline Supplement)

Yes it's true we will give you a free bottle of out L-arginine product “Extreme Cardio”.

This promotion is designed to let people experience the amazing benefits of our L-Arginine product. We are confident that you will like Extreme Cardio and we're willing to give it to you for FREE just so you’ll try it. There is one string attached, we ask that once you have used the product for 30 days, you provide us with your thoughts.


Here's how it works:

You will pay just the shipping cost of the product (or if you order another SPX product it can be added to your shipment), then we will get it shipped off to you.  After using the supplement for 30 days we will send you a link to review the product. We just ask that you provide the review with-in 2 weeks from when you finished your 30 days of using the supplement.

 Reviews are one of the most important part of an online retail company like SPX nutrition. These reviews will help first time customers decide if the product is right for them or not. We feel that this is a win- win- win situation.


If you would like to get your free bottle please fill out the form below and submit it. Once we receive your form submission we will send you an invoice for the shipping cost of the Extreme Cardio. After that is paid it will be sent off to you. We will then follow up with you 30 days later 2 get your thoughts and request that you review the product. That is it…. Our hope is that you like using the product and plan on ordering more in the future.

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Fill out form to get FREE
Extreme Cardio
L-Arginine/L-Citrulline Supplement

Have you ordered from SPX Nutrition before?

2 ways to get your bottle:

  • You can pay the shipping cost to have your free bottle sent to you now. ($8 shipping charge)


  • ​or you can have it added to another shipment if you are going to order one of SPX Nutrition's other products. (No shipping charge)

     Please make selection below:


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