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 Nutrition Supplements

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Weight Loss / Energy Supplement



Increase energy levels while burning extra calories and suppressing your appetite. This all-natural weight loss supplement will get you on track with your diet and health goals. Nutri-Thin has been helping people lose weight and feel better for over 10 years.


sea plant Supplement



This sea plant supplement gives all the benefits of the ocean in one daily dose. Helps boost immune system and control PH levels in your body along with many more benefits. Taking Vita-Sea daily strengthens your overall health and keeps your body operating at its peak efficiency .


Cardiovascular supplement

Xtreme Cardio

Xtreme Cardio optimizes cardiovascular health. Blood vessels dilate to improve circulation, blood pressure and overall cardio health. The dominant ingredient L-arginine gets the bodies circulation system in the correct operating condition by dilating the blood capillaries. When blood vessels are opened your blood flows through your body at an easier rate making your heart work less to circulate blood through-out the body.

cardio-L-arginine- supplement


Hemp Balm

Rub it into sore joints and muscles, apply to cuts and scrapes and itchy spots, or use on burns and blisters. This balm contains broad-spectrum Hemp Oil and is infused Bee’s wax and essential oils. Works great for anyone with moderate to chronic conditions.

Read studies on cannabinoids suppressing inflammation

Read studies on cannabidiol & Anxiety

Read studies on neurological disorders & cannabidiol

Skin Hydrating/Repairing

Hemp Facial Mask

A super charged sheet mask infused with zero-THC hemp oil and various plant extracts to promote healthy hydrated skin.

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Jesse Gibson

Great energy! Great weightloss! I love this company! I feel good again! They even pay you to lose weight!

LT Turner Jr.

SPX's Vita-Sea is by far the best seaweed product out there. Its has just the perfect blend of sea plants which enables you to harness the incredible benefits. I've tried many other seaweed supplements out there and I can honestly say, nothing compares to Vita-Sea! :) You can feel good knowing you are giving your body what it needs to achieve health and well being!

I also love Nutri-Thin - it provides a great flow of energy - ALL DAY LONG (and NO jitters). It also has some really great ingredients, including B Vitamins. You will feel the difference. I have tried other products, but keep on coming back. As far as I am concerned, these are the best health and nutrition products around. Thank you SPX! :)

Sara Larocque

Have been taking these products for 7 years now and love them! Have helped with my sleep, appetite control, inflammation and much much more. Highly recommended these products.


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